Thank you for puppy ears

Earlier today I was thinking about our move out here and what an exercise in organization the entire ordeal was. For those that don’t know, almost all of our worldly belongings were picked up between two and ten days prior to us leaving LA. We had packed everything in PODS (thanks to Michael’s lab-mates) and spent the last week on an air mattress and eating from plastic. (Actually Michael spent six weeks eating on plastic as I had packed up all the dishes before going back to Manila one last time!) We rotated the air mattress from room-to-room as we emptied and cleaned. We had the carpets steam cleaned in our bedroom and didn’t want the cats in there…so we moved into the den. Then we had to move furniture and boxes out the back door and into the PODS…so we moved into the dining room. It was here that we spent our last few nights in LA. On a blow-up mattress. In the dining room. Romantic.

Then there was the 2,546 mile drive across the country on the 40. Michael drove his truck with the two cats as passengers and a small U-Haul in tow. I drove mine with Iona. Of course both vehicles were as stuffed as possible with supplies, luggages and the miscellaneous things that we didn’t have packed in time to fit in the PODS. Every night we would pull off the 40 into our pre-selected town (Flagstaff, Amarillo, Little Rock and Knoxville) and look for the welcoming lights of a La Quinta Inn. They are one of the few hotels that accepts pets and does not charge extra for them. Trust me, that is a big deal when you’ve driving for 10 hours and you have three pets that are anxious to get the hell out of the vehicle. This is the only reason to stay at a La Quinta. Trust me again…if you have pets, great. If not, just don’t.

So each night I would pull in first, check-in, scope out the parking for the truck and trailer, feed and water Iona and begin the unpacking process. Then Michael would arrive and we would start on his vehicle. A 1/2 hour later we would be exhausted and ready to find some dinner. Some nights Denny’s was the best we could find (Amarillo, TX and Moons Over My Hammy…may that be the only time I put those together), and others we actually had a great meal in a nice city.

There are lots of stories from that week and I look forward to reliving the tale. In the meantime, here’s one of the best things from the trip. This was my frequent vision in my rearview mirror and it made me laugh every time. And yes, I did take this picture while driving about 85 down the 40. It was worth it.

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