They better have coffee at STAR-BOX

Michael and I decided to go check out our hopeful new neighborhood today. We are expecting to close on the house next Friday, but are holding back the sharing of our glee until we actually have keys in hand. Once we know this is a done deal, we’ll post pictures and descriptions. We fully expect some people to think we’re nuts to pick this house, so we won’t be offended if you are one of them. 

The house is in a true urban walking neighborhood with shops, restaurants, a huge park and lots of things to do. With our new life and our quest to spend more time together this is obviously very appealing. I have to speak for both of us here and say that it has been about 7 weeks since I last returned from Manila and we are really enjoying each other’s company. We haven’t spent this much time together in years so I was a bit apprehensive and it is good to know that concern was unnecessary. I admit that I thought he’d be completely exasperated with me, but he seems more entertained than anything else. In turn he is making me giggle on a daily basis. 

We were sitting at a stoplight this afternoon when Michael sees a common chain coffeehouse and attempts to make a comment about us being able to walk there. The first part of the sentence came out fine, but he totally butchered the name. In fact, he unintentionally spoke it in this weird mechanical voice that I had never heard out of him before. “We can walk to STAR-BOX”. It actually had a little Optimus Prime flavor. “Did you just say STAR-BOX like a robot?” I ask. “I did, I did, I don’t know what just happened! It’s Starbucks, it’s Starbucks.” And then we started laughing like we were going to roll out of his truck. I am just thankful we were at a stoplight because I doubt he could have driven for a few seconds there. I know I will giggle each time I pass that place. It’s only a block from the hopeful house and a neighborhood that makes you smile like that is a damn great place to live.

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