Everyone loves Puppy Ears!

Apparently EVERYONE (more precisely anyone that reads this) loves puppy ears! I wish I had more of these, but admittedly it was a challenge to both drive in a straight line and take photos into my rearview mirror. Of course that didn’t completely stop me and I snapped this one on Day Three of the Great Drive as we were speeding through Oklahoma. When Iona needed to take a break she would rest her head on my left shoulder and fill my ear with puppy breath. If I couldn’t find a wayside quickly enough for her (because she IS VERY PICKY and wouldn’t pee in dirt, or dust, or during wind or rain or anything that didn’t resemble a sunny day and a pretty piece of freshly mowed grass), her urgency would escalate to tapping me rapidly on the shoulder with her furry stub.

I have to wish my Grandma a very Happy Birthday! She turned 90 yesterday and she is the epitome of growing older fabulously. I can only hope that I am like her and as funny, as articulate, as with it, and still living in my own house and on my own terms when I am 90. A few months ago I didn’t think I would be able to accomplish that at 40, but I now feel I am back on track and keeping the sanity. My Grandma is a great role model and I am both proud and extremely grateful to have her genes coursing through me. Happy Birthday!

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