My Thought Bubble is better than your Thought Bubble…so there!

We did not close the house today, but since my rage was felt by Amy in Seattle and Janey in the Philippines, I thought it best to temper that. And so I bring you the power of the Thought Bubble. This is the Thought Bubble scrounging for food in the kitchen. I thought Michael was trying to get all frisky with me the other night, but it was only the Thought Bubble smacking me on the ass…about every 5 seconds.

Thought Bubble also likes to watch America’s Next Top Model.

And go for long walks with his friends.

Mostly though, Thought Bubble likes to play games on his computer. (Seriously, we didn’t do this! Iona crawled under the dining room table and her balloon buddy naturally settled in the chair. It was terribly funny.

I do feel a little bit better. Thank you Thought Bubble.