Bingo, Mosquitos and Drag Queens

Drag Queens typically aren’t that pretty. Drag Queens outside in the humid, hot North Carolina weather tackling grassy stairs in heels are certainly not pretty. They are damn entertaining though.

Last night we joined some friends at the Raleigh Little Theatre for Drag Bingo. All proceeds benefit the Alliance for AIDS Services – Carolina, so you not only get to play bingo outside, you are entertained for a great cause. The show was all of 10 minutes in when the glorious emcee – Mary K.Mart – spotted Michael in the crowd and said he was yummy. Of course I agree, but was slightly thankful when “she” turned her attention to other eye candy in the audience. I really didn’t need to go a round in the parking lot later with a 6’1 drag queen in skimpy lingerie.

One of the delightful guys next to us fortunately sprayed me down with bug repellent. I am an idiot for going anywhere in this state without it! You would have thought I learned my lesson after being chomped on 19 times in 5 minutes by mosquitos the other night.

We had a great time with great company and we’ll definitely make a repeat visit on August 2nd for Garden Party Bingo. We both agreed that we’ve never spent the night with that many Drag Queens before…sober.

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