Charlotte Sometimes

We went to Charlotte today to do some furniture shopping and see the hilarious Avenue Q. Michael is not usually my theater buddy, but how could he pass up puppets that swear profusely, talk about masturbation, and simulate sex? Even if you are not a laugh-out-loud person, you may not be able to help yourself as all your innocent Sesame Street memories are smashed. Smashed and then dragged behind a truck. A truck driven by a puppet. While we already suspected that Bert really was gay and that the Cookie Monster was masking other perversions through his addiction to the sweet stuff; it is just now in the open where it belongs.

After getting home last night, we both came to the realization that Iona is a Bad Idea Bear. She completely fits the description…cute and furry, manipulative, seemingly friendly…and then SNAP! Although she is unable to “speak”, she does transmit her irresponsible suggestions through telepathy. “You don’t REALLY want grilled chicken for dinner, you want pizza. Now give me some.” “Have another large glass of wine. Now give ME some.” “Don’t go to work today, stay at home and pet me.” The only reason she hasn’t handed one of us a rope yet is because she doesn’t have opposable thumbs and still needs us to open the treat cabinet. Hmmm…She actually doesn’t require both of us for that. In the words of a puppet, “Shit”.

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