Shake, shake, shake. Shake your booty.

Our dear friends in LA had a bit of a scare today when that nasty 5.4 earthquake decided to shake their world. In the 11 years that we lived there, we never met the big one, but all the small brother and sister earthquakes were enough. They are quite surreal if you’ve never endured one. We haven’t heard anything to the contrary so we are thinking everyone we love is good and safe.

Michael doesn’t think I will write about how he is currently annoying me, so of course I will do just that. I had a stressful day that was causing me mild anxiety attacks and I attempted to end it by sitting on the couch with a large glass of wine (thanks to the Bad Idea Bear Iona) and watching reruns of House. That was before I was interrupted by Michael eating habanero pistachios. Not only is the cracking sound bothersome to listen to; they also smell. And of course Iona loves bad smelling things and wants to eat all the pistachios (shells and all), so she paces in circles and jumps up and down. Bad smells, hopping dog and the persistent cracking of nuts. A really calming evening. It’s even better when Michael decides to wash them down with milk. Have I mentioned that I hate the smell of milk breath?

I am therefore sitting upstairs alone while the two of them sit on the couch and breathe on each other.

Oh yeah…we have closing statements and a big cashier’s check in hand. I sense a closing tomorrow!