Warning: No Elbow Smelling Allowed

You learn funny things about a person when you spend time together. I recently discovered that Michael does not appreciate his elbows smelled. I know this thanks to my love of LUSH. If you have never had the pleasure of walking into one of their stores or using their products, you just don’t know what you are missing. Everything is fresh and handmade. Everything has real, grown in nature ingredients, and the effect is magical. The scents also last the entire day and they never smell overwhelming or like perfume. Instead you radiate bergamot and vanilla, or citrus and cinnamon, or lavender and peppermint. Simply glorious. I was introduced to LUSH by my friend Tim in Manila, AND I just discovered that there is a store in Raleigh! I am giddy, giddy, giddy.

So our conversation went like this one fine recent morning:

Michael: Can I use some of your lotion?

Me: Of course.

Michael (as he is rubbing some on his elbows): What does that smell like? What do I smell like?

Me: You smell like ginger. Now people will want to smell your elbows all day.

Michael: If anyone at work attempts to smell my elbows, they will get an elbow in the face. I mean it; a ginger elbow in the face.