Girl Power!

I’ve been a wee bit sensitive lately, and finally came to realize the origins of “why” last night. It appears that I miss my ‘girlfriends’. I fully acknowledge that I have not been the model friend over these past few years. It has been tough with my traveling and a career that attempted to suck dry every last ounce of time, energy and creativity. Most times I would get back home to LA and just want to do the mundane…clean my house, walk Iona, make dinner with Michael and go to Target. Then I’d get back to Manila and get so overwhelmed with everyone needing and wanting my time, that I’d hole up in the condo on the weekends. There was never a balance, or even a hint of one. I was on, on, on or off, off, off. And as much as I loved my job, it was very unfair to everyone that lived with me, around me or wanted to be in my life.

So now I have the equilibrium in my life, but am not near most of the people that I adore. My support system is spread across LA, the Philippines and Wisconsin and apparently I was needing some time with the girls. Thanks to my new friends Tami and Amber for providing that. While it wasn’t a random dinner and bottles of champagne with Amy on a Tuesday, or breakfast with Tim and gossip at Apartment 1B, or brunch and serenity and tea with Anne, or drinks and “I’ll have the filet” with Brandi, or sightseeing with Toni, or lots of bottles of wine and sanity with Rain, or delightful drama with Ken, or laughter until I cry with Elizabeth, or just hanging with my Mom and sisters…it was fabulous.

The martinis were strong, the food was great, and the company was fabulous. Sometimes a girl just needs to vent about all the nonsense and giggle until she can’t breathe. It was exactly what I needed and I felt right with the world.

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