Chipping away at California

My DMV experience last week was actually quite successful. I heeded all the warnings and came prepared with extreme patience and enough documentation that I could have applied for military clearance rather than a North Carolina driver’s license. I was slightly apprehensive with the brusque attitude my DMV lady was radiating, but that turned out to be unfounded. I wasn’t sure if it was because I was the only white woman seeking valuable plastic or if she was just annoyed by my Californianess. I came to terms that she was simply bitter. Once we both had proper expectations we could get down to business. An hour and a half after I entered that cinder block oasis, I walked out with a new license! I was especially happy that their camera took a full-on close-up of my face. Everyone knows that my face isn’t naturally large enough, so it is best if you get really, really close and take the picture.

It was a little sad to turn in my California license, as it feels like with each step forward we take, a piece of our former life is taken away. I will probably burst into tears when I get NC plates. Well…since that requires ANOTHER trip to the DMV, I might just sob on principle. The NC DOT needs to learn about this thing the kids are calling “online registration” and the IN TER NET.

Tonight is the first night in weeks without the Olympics and without house guests. Thankfully pre-season football was on or we would have actually needed to talk to each other. Ahhh yes, football season AGAIN.

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