Home Sweet Home

We feel that having two homes is just not enough. If John McCain can have six or ten or twelve (who’s keeping track?), then why shouldn’t we? Therefore we signed a lease on a condo this evening. Now we have House, Fake House, and Condo.

Actually, we wanted to be closer to the House while the construction is going on. It also makes it easier to just run over there at night or on weekends to do small jobs. The Fake House is about 20 minutes away and it was just getting hard going back and forth all the time.

Now, while the Fake House is in a neighborhood that is totally not our style and everything on the house is plastic, it is nicely furnished and owned by an accommodating and wonderful person. The Condo also appears to be owned by an accommodating and wonderful person, but it comes with nothing other than appliances (he is leaving the microwave which made me giddy). With only our blow-up mattress, pets, computer and stereo equipment, and clothes, we will officially be living like the oldest college students ever.

We move (again) in mid-September and will have one week of overlay with the Fake House. If you happen to be in Raleigh then, let us know. We have a house or two that you can crash in. Just don’t be expecting any great amenities like homemade breakfast, daily housekeeping, turn-down service, silverware, or beds.

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