Lord, We Thank You For The RAIN

Sometimes you just need people, and that begrudgingly includes me. I needed some pre-NC life to visit and Rain’s trip was timed perfectly. I get the sense from our conversations this week that she too needed me, so we balanced each other well. I am quite thankful that she’s been here. But WHO KNEW? Who knew that God was also thankful? At least the god in Seagrove, NC is appreciative. And lest you are not so observant, please take a closer look at the church that’s singing my girl’s praises. Yep, Why Not? When in doubt, God just says…Why Not?

Speaking of needing…my sister Elizabeth called me the other night and said she needed me to come home. I am only too happy to oblige as five months without her is just five too many. I will need to stop drinking this very moment (well, after Rain leaves) in order to prepare my liver for the assault coming its way. We still haven’t celebrated her divorce in person and I haven’t met the new boyfriend yet. He is a little older and seems a bit more prepared to handle the real life than “The Black Man that Ran Away”, so I am looking forward to him meeting my approval.

Rain leaves tomorrow, sigh. I will miss her. I will miss looking down upon her and seeing her crane her neck to look up and talk to me (see below). Actually I think she was looking longingly into the sky wondering why God hadn’t made her taller. Rain, don’t ask why. Ask, Why Not?

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