Toad Season in Raleigh

Who knew that Raleigh had a toad season? We certainly didn’t, but trust me…tis the season! While I am a tad creeped out by them, they make our nightly walks much more interesting. Iona met her first toad about 3 weeks ago and now sees them every night. They get her so excited that she hops up and down and her little stubs are just flying. She turns into a happy little two-year old puppy when she is confronted by a toad. There are some wise ones out there though, and they just stop moving after she has herded them several feet through the grass. I guess they don’t much appreciate getting stubbed and licked by an orange ball of frenzied fur.

Once she’s seen one, she thinks everything on the sidewalk is a toad. She approaches every leaf and bug with the same anticipation. During tonight’s walk she was confused by something not a toad when Michael blurted out, “Oh, that’s a spider. Don’t fuck with that!”

Apparently my husband has an irrational dislike for both spiders and snakes. When I quizzed him on this, he said he can’t trust something with no legs or too many. I apologize on his behalf if you are either legless or had been born with three. Michael cannot trust you.

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