This is the Hole that we built

Fun is a relative term and carries a different definition for everyone. So what do we do on our weekends for fun? Apparently we destroy things!

Reason 312 why I hate carpet – it is dirty, no matter how often you vacuum.
Reason 313 why I hate carpet – it must be attached with a million nails and staples. Great fun when removing.
Reason 314 why I hate carpet – it is nasty, nasty, nasty underneath. Seriously, do people not understand what they are walking on every day? I think Ebola was living in ours.
Reason 315 what I hate carpet – it is heavy and did I mention nasty?

The previous owner’s disgusting carpet is now gone and soon to be replaced by beautiful reclaimed hardwood floors. I must say though that the lovely collection of linoleum we found underneath the Ebola rug is tough to resist. My new favorite thing in the world is my trusty Nail Puller Claw Hammer. That thing rocks when yanking out tack boards and staples.

The one section of wall separating the dining room and living room is almost gone. I have to say that a lot of crap comes out of a wall that is between 85-97 years old. When looking at the photos it appears that we are working through a snowstorm, and rest assured that was not the case. We would have welcomed some cold air as it was almost 86 degrees in the house. What you are seeing is plaster and dirt and dust. By the freaking bucket. All the fun photos are posted here on my Facebook Page.

We filled a good portion of our contractor’s truck with the fruits of our labor. Not bad for a day’s work by two office slaves.

During one of our trips to the truck I asked Michael if I was the prettiest wife he ever had (while wearing a mask, safety goggles and covered in dirt). He correctly responded that I was the only wife he ever had. Sounds like demo love to me.

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