Our Paper House

Last night we met with our designer and contractor to look at plans and pricing. Although the addition is completely different than what we initially expected, we both loved it. It adds the square footage we were looking for, two bedrooms, an extra bathroom, and a good amount of storage. It also stays within the Victorian footprint of the house AND was within budget.

So…I should be giddy and gleeful, right? Michael was thrilled and over dinner wanted to talk about details. All I could think about was the work and the time lines. Our budget gives us what we want in this first phase…and also leaves tons and tons of work for the demo crew (us), the finish crew (us) and the clean up crew (us). All of a sudden that seemed all consuming. Can we really tile bathrooms, drywall, get hardwoods laid, install fixtures, add moldings, replace lighting, paint inside and outside and somehow still have full-time jobs and not kill ourselves? We are also moving into the temporary condo this weekend and of course haven’t made one step towards the completion of that process. I was inexplicitly overwhelmed and tired all in the matter of minutes. And of course that made me mean to Michael.

A decent night’s sleep and a little perspective has made this better. I am terribly excited and the desire to live IN this house and IN this neighborhood is great motivation. I need to get my head back on straight and start watching drywall tutorials and attend some Home Depot training sessions. I guess I could just put on a vest and hang out there after work and see what knowledge I can absorb. Orange does happen to be one of my favorite colors.

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