Did you get lost?

No, I did not get lost on the way back to the Fake House today. I did consider it though, as I knew that Michael would be waiting for me to pack more stuff and haul said stuff over to the Condo. We’d already made two trips each and we’re not quite done yet. If you just looked into the first floor of the Condo, you would think “Damn these people have a lot of stuff!”. After further investigation you would realize that apart from clothes (I have too many), computers (we have six), electronics (three TVs and three stereos for four rooms), and minimal kitchen accessories, we have nothing. The owner Tom took pity on us and left a rug and two battered couches, and that accounts for our current furniture collection.

We do have a mattress arriving on Wednesday and we’re still debating on where we sleep until then. Michael has already called dibs on the longer of the couches, so that would leave me with the loveseat. Do you hear the panic in my voice? I am envisioning myself either folded into the loveseat tomorrow night attempting to sleep while Michael watches football, or sprawled on a layer of towels upstairs on the floor in the bedroom. Either way I guarantee I will be sharing my space with a panicked cat and a worried corgi. Do you hear MY panic?

Anyway, back to this afternoon and my not getting lost. Instead I was at Goodwill. Yes, I am talking about THAT Goodwill. I must admit that I have donated thousands of dollars worth of stuff over the years, yet have never actually shopped at one. I needed to drop off some things and just thought, “what the hell”. I am proud to say that I walked out with a slightly beaten coffee table for $30. Since I was already channelling someone other than myself, I drove over to Target and scoured the clearance racks. Two 15 dollar lamps later I was ready to call an end to my thrift shopping experience. I have to admit that it wasn’t so bad. I didn’t break out in hives or get nauseous. I didn’t even want to stab myself in the eye. Not even once. Just don’t expect this to happen again anytime soon.

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