Hit me with a pair of fourteens, please.

In exactly one month, Michael and I will have been married for 14 years. If you had asked me on that first interesting night where I thought we would be at this time…this would certainly not have been it. Where exactly are we, you ask? We are in a rented condo with secondhand furniture and bare necessities. I am sitting on the floor drinking wine from a cheap set of glasses I bought on Amazon.com, in front of a coffee table I picked up today from a lovely couple in Wake Forest. My Goodwill table is sitting under a useless TV, as the idiot Time Warner installer screwed up and cable is not to be found until Wednesday. Michael is presently watching the Packer-Cowboy game from fleeced wireless through his laptop that is sitting on top of one of my clearance lampshades. We are broken and sore and sitting among boxes that can’t be unpacked because we lack the furniture to put anything in. We’ve been away from our stuff for four months now and I expect that it will be close to a year before we actually see it again. So why am I smiling?

I am smiling because we are around the corner from our House and finally living in the neighborhood that we moved here for. We are also finally together and there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight for that. We also have the the Iona Pig, and well, there is only good to be had from that. i also find it terribly ironic that this is our 14th move in almost our 14th year. Seems fitting for us. I know, I know, I am TRYING to settle down.

I think I forgot my cereal at the Fake House. Bummer.

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