My star has fallen

Earlier today I said our stars had aligned and all of our very important deliveries had arrived. I was feeling damn good about myself, so it is only fair that life decided to smack me upside the head and tell me how things are really going to be. I woke up early this morning and took Iona out in the cold and rain. No problem. Watched the news, checked my email and drank my coffee. No problem. Got ready as usual and talked with Michael about our upcoming day. No problem. Walked out to my car and found a completely flat tire. THIS IS A PROBLEM.

Michael says Iona flattened the tire in the night so that I would have to stay home with her. While that slightly perturbs me, I am more annoyed that she let me get up and get dressed before I found out. I would have much preferred to sleep in.

Regardless, I still needed to call VW Assistance and get them to come out and change the tire, Now, when I have used this program in the past, I was sent a very nice and clean man in a tow truck. It was quite clear when the man showed up that he was there to help me and does this for a living. Not so much today. About 45 minutes after I was told the service would arrive, a very large and unkempt man in a battered maroon Taurus shows up. I would be remiss not to mention that the Taurus had ACE LOCKSMITH on the side. What? Again…potential PROBLEM.

So he did manage to finally get the mangled tire off the car and get the spare on. I then called VW and was able to get a 3p appointment for a new tire (and might as well get an oil change). Several hundred dollars later I had new tires. Pirelli tires are damn expensive.

Did I mention that Michael also found the air pump to our mattress about 3 hours AFTER the new mattress was delivered? Yeah. 3 days of couch and deflated mattress sleeping and he finds the pump. NOT A PROBLEM!

Sigh. The best thing about the past two days? Why, it would have to be this. (I HAVE to point out in the name of home fashion that these are NOT our couches. For real. ours are still in storage PODs. I swear.)

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