He’s mine, all mine!

Last week I mentioned (repeatedly) that we had regressed and were living like pathetic college students again. At least I can say that the Condo is cleaner than that first house I moved into with Michael. This was back in Madison and he was already living with 2.2 guys (one of their brothers slept over a lot). NONE of them cleaned and the place was absolutely filthy. The basement had flooded and was filled with moldy boxes and spiders. That’s where the washer and dryer was, which might explain why they never did laundry. The kitchen was covered in a thick layer of grease and they never threw out anything. I am completely horrified by bugs, so you can only imagine the screaming that occurred when a silverfish crawled out of a hole in the porcelain while I was showering. Michael came to my rescue with a can of WD40. If I recall correctly he had to caulk over the hole before I would ever spend the night there again. If you don’t know what a silverfish is…here you go. They are about an inch long, have a bunch of legs and run really freaking fast.

I just gotta say that the lust factor had to have been really, really, REALLY strong for me to have agreed to eat there, sleep there, bathe there and eventually move in there. He was lucky he was cute.

And just to prove that 14 years of marriage and 15.5 years of togetherness really don’t dim the lust, here you go. This is my husband as I described last week…watching the Packer-Cowboy game from his laptop, on top of a clearance Target lampshade using stolen wireless while sitting on a borrowed couch. Damn he is still hot.

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