It’s a little bittersweet

Sigh….there goes another piece. My LA life continues to fall away. Yesterday morning I spent a couple early hours at the NC DOT in a second attempt to register my vehicle. Apparently they don’t see a lot of leased vehicles and it caused some headache all around. If you recall, I tried this once before and left the DMV empty-handed and a tad frustrated. This time though, I felt PREPARED. Well, perception is certainly not reality.

With my power of attorney from VW Credit, my NC license, NC insurance and a plethora of forms…I was ready. The first lady looked painfully at me and asked if I had a copy of my title – front and back. Ugh, no. “Ok, call VW Credit and have them fax it to this number and then go sit over there and come back in 15 minutes.”

So I did. The next lady also sighed when she discovered it was a leased vehicle and looked at me in horror. Ok, here we go again. She pulled herself off her stool and tumbled over to the fax machine and tumbled back empty-handed. “Kin you call them agin. Eye dont see it”, she said in her heavy Southern accent. I would hear that voice a lot over the next couple hours.

The first fax never arrived. The second was too dark and unreadable. The third was success! Each attempt solicited a yell across the room of “Ms. Stealey” Ms. Stealey come here!” Finally I stood before her, this woman of roundness and helmet hair. This woman prone to the eye-roll behind her glasses. She had a mountain of paper in front of her and we began our plow through it. I signed at least ten things and gave up reading them all. I am sure I just deeded my house to the NC DOT and enslaved our firstborn to working at the DMV for life. Truthfully, I no longer cared. As she handed me my plate (you only get one here), I had to add some additional pain and ask for a custom one. I hate the plates here. It’s a good thing there are about 300 custom options to choose from, including about 290 with a NASCAR theme. (Shock, I did not opt for one of those.) Another roll of the eyes and we dove in again.

My real plate arrives in 4-6 weeks, so in the meantime I continue my game of Russian roulette. The ugly plate sits on my passenger seat and I continue to drive around with my precious CA plates proudly displayed on BOTH sides of my car.

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