Make mine purple

I actually try to stay away from most political discussions, as I, like most people, get a tad personal in the heat of the debate. Since we are finally down to the wire with the presidential race, I just can’t keep it in any longer.

I must preface that I love this country and love living here. I have traveled all over the world and have spent 1/2 of the last few years OUT of the US for one reason or another. I can fill out an immigration card blindfolded and certainly don’t need to double check my passport information. I know that number better than I know the birth dates of my loved ones. Each and every time I would land back on my homeland, I would get a little choked up. I love seeing “Welcome to the United States of America” in big letters as I leave an aircraft. The more I travel, the more I appreciate what we have here. Even with our current economic mess, it is a right good place to be.

That said, my patriotism takes a hit during presidential election time. It frustrates the hell out of me that the candidates do everything to slander each other and pull the country completely apart. The finger pointing last night was just appalling. When this is over, both sides will act shocked when we all ‘just can’t get along’ and come together. Yank us apart and slam us together. Very effective. I have decided on who I will vote for, and it wasn’t easy. I didn’t want either of these candidates, but since this is the offer I’ve been given, I will make the best choice for me.

Wisconsin surprisingly goes blue, Texas was certainly red, and California…well, no one expects them ever to sway off that Democratic platform. So it only seemed fair that we were headed back into Republican territory. So imagine my surprise when North Carolina became a SWING state! This is the first time since the 1976 election that NC may go Democrat…which makes them a solid purple. While I would like to be personally responsible for this swing, I am not sure my one voter registration is powerful enough. No matter…purple is making me proud.

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