Google goodness

At 7.52p my husband and I were standing in the Condo kitchen eating pretzels and wearing pajamas. This is weird for a number of reasons, least of which that we rarely seem to be home together before 8p these days. I acknowledge that it was a rough day, so the wine joined the pretzels as necessary sustenance quite quickly. It’s also raining so Iona’s walk was very short. Hence the pjs.

We’ve been taking the Pig to the baseball field behind the Condo to run off-lease at night, so that is the only bummer of the evening. Other than that, I am perfectly content to sit in my pjs a tad tipsy and blog away. I read about Gmail Googles today, and fortunately it didn’t say anything about blogging. That’s a good thing, because I am not sure I could do math at the moment.

“Gmail Labs has introduced a new feature today that helps you to not to send emails when you are drunk or tired. The feature is called Goggles which is active on weekend late nights by default. Once activated it shows random math questions when you try to send a mail in weekend late nights.

Although this may potentially impact me, it does crack me up. Google needs to add this to all cell phones and political conventions, and instant messaging applications, and well…they should just embed it into my brain. If I had to do math before saying anything flippant and sarcastic, I would be damn quiet. I know a few people (husband) that would be willing to fund this. Have I mentioned that Google scares me a little?

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  1. sarag, jesus, lauren reminds me of the lord. i like your blog or wahtever that means or stands for. is it an acronym? i dont know. all i know is that i miss you so much. i think of rose petals and the moonlight when the air is damp and the wind is easy and the feelings in the air say yes and i miss you and if i could read, i would read the clift notes bcs there is nothing more imprtnt thn RIGHT NOW and i can not wait! and my buddy alex agrees that the time is now to leave you husband and meet at star bucks coffeee and maybe get a drink and make so e bad decisions.i love you, steve

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