Sometimes it IS ok to pet your assistant

I had a great assistant at my last job. She took care of all my travel arrangements, coordinated my calendar, managed my paperwork and kept my office organized. One look at my current desk and you quickly realize that I no longer possess this fabulous person. So what’s a girl to do? Bring Iona to work of course.

I had contemplated bringing her into the office for a few days, and Friday just seemed right. I snuck her past the security guard by going through the side door and up the back steps. Unfortunately it was raining and her dirty feet left paw prints all along the left side of my white jacket. Not the best wardrobe choice for this particular day.

She spent most of the day sitting under my desk and greeting anyone that entered my office. The rest of the day she would wander in and out of cubicles looking for food or a quick pet. I think only one person screamed when they looked down and unexpectedly saw an orange beast rooting around their cube.

It was wonderful having her there and I wish I could bring her everyday. She too seemed to enjoy it. She was so wiped out from her hard day at work that she slept the entire ride home and passed out early and hard. Perhaps she’ll have a new appreciation for what I do all day. Doubtful, as she is still a greedy little Iona Pig. Walk me, pet me, feed me. Repeat. So much for getting my desk straightened or my paperwork done.

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