Fall is in the air

Fall came quickly to Raleigh this weekend. It is delightful weather to work on the House, but I must admit that it is a little chilly if you aren’t directly in the sun. We warmed up our morning by running Iona in the baseball field and playing a few rounds of buoy. This is the Bible Belt, so Sunday mornings are fabulously quiet and still. The faithful are at church and the heathens are sleeping late. We fall somewhere in the middle and are running in a field. Not exactly sure what that makes us.

Michael made good headway yesterday on the other wall separating the living/dining room, while I continued to scrape the foyer walls. I want everyone to remember that while you may currently love your carpet and wallpaper, that SOMEDAY, SOMEONE (and it might be you) will need to remove that stuff. And it isn’t fun.

We were less enthusiastic today, so Michael cleared out all the stones in the yard while I worked more on my walls. This is such a painstakingly slow task because we are trying to preserve as much of the original plaster walls as possible. If you scrape too hard you are liable to scrape the wall down with the paper. If only the walls we WANTED to come down, came apart this easily. I did though manage to completely uncover the transom window that had been blacked out and hidden beneath the paneling. Now just envision the sunlight streaming through the window on hardwood floors, white wainscoting and warm olive painted walls. Someday. A girl can dream.

In the meantime, me and my gay cowboy will continue to slave away and enjoy these beautiful autumn days.

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