Bringing my style to the NC

Now I know that it is inevitable that I will eventually adopt some of the Southern ways. I acknowledge this in a few cases, but by no means can I comply with complete acceptance. Sort of like the head cold that I refuse to believe is overtaking me.

It is no secret that I hate the NC license plates. They are busy and ugly (a plane, ‘First in Flight’ caption, beach reeds, AND red lettering), and I refused to place it on my vehicle. The Touareg deserves better. When I received my plate I promptly ordered a custom one and then threw the original onto the passenger seat. That is where it still sits and still in the packaging. I was more than content to continue driving around with my CA plates proudly displayed. That is, until I was either pulled over or I received this:

Pretty freaking cool, isn’t it? Good coloring, charitable cause, wildlife, and of course Iona. I’ve received so many comments about it in the first week, that I know this was the right choice. Unfortunately, not everyone seems as thrilled…
Lest you think I have completely abandoned my true ways, please know that my CA plate is still occupying the front side of my vehicle. Since NC only requires one, I see no issue with this. That is of course until some state trooper tells me differently. And that too, is inevitable.

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