The reason God made man

So everyone knows that men are REALLY good at a few key things – killing bugs, driving when you don’t feel like it, taking care of you when you are drunk, and breaking/lifting very heavy things. It is also quite well known that I like and respect the male species for these vital items. I therefore find it ironic that my mom went through a period of time where she thought I was trying to turn Elizabeth into a lesbian. We never could figure out my motives, as I am neither a lesbian nor into incest. I guess my being a “liberal” and giving Elizabeth a subscription to Jane magazine was enough.

That said, boys can be useful. On Saturday a few of my friends and colleagues came over to help us remove the back room. We needed to knock down two outside walls and remove the interiors of the other two. We also had to take off the siding along the outside walls of the bathrooms. This is where the addition is going and the foundation is FINALLY being poured this week! In fact, I was terribly giddy that the contractor sign miraculously appeared in our front yard on Friday. This means that they are not embarrassed about this project and that the Calvary is finally headed our way. Oh lord, there is help coming.
But before the professionals, there would be the Demo Squad. Now don’t get me wrong, these guys kicked ass! Those walls were gone in no time and they managed not to destroy anything we ultimately meant to keep. This is damn impressive for a group of smart office guys. True, three are ex-military, but it’s not like they were at boot camp last week. But THIS is what we did.

Good help is a glorious thing and that meant that Michael and I only needed to work a 1/2 day today. Michael took out a pantry closet and I removed all the tile around the fireplace. We attempted to remove the vinyl flooring in the hall and bathroom, but discovered that it was asbestos tile so opted to leave it until we are better prepared. So what did we earn for our hard work? Michael got to watch some football, Iona was in the field twice, and I actually got both vacuuming and laundry done. (Maria, where art thou????) This doesn’t quite make up for Michael’s broken finger or the fact that forearms ache so badly I can hardly type…but who’s bitching? Good weekend. No doubt about it; even with all those damn boys around.

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