Happy Halloween

This is my favorite day of the year! I spent the morning with Michael, packed with Iona and Chupa, am currently sitting in an airport lounge and soon will see my family. AND United still loves me…even though I haven’t set foot on one of their planes since May. I admit that I miss it a little.

Happy Halloween! I hope to not be too intoxicated this weekend that coherent thoughts are lost. These moments with the family are usually worth sharing, and sharing, and sharing.

On the news this morning I saw all these people dressed in collaborative costume with their dogs. Sigh. That will never be me and the Pig. One year I found her the most adorable pumpkin costume. It had a hat and a huge round soft pumpkin to go around her belly. Yes, she warned me that she wanted none of it….but I had that wine courage working for me. I am fortunate her aim is bad and all my fingers are still intact…barely.

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