Supernatural Silence

I voted yesterday. I stood in line for over 55 minutes with a great variety of people in a small space that was too warm and crowded. In true form, I wasn’t wearing shoes that were conducive for standing on a hard surface for that amount of time and I actually felt my feet go numb periodically. Fortunately I did have a book with me to pass the hour, and I coerced Michael into a foot rub later in the evening.

With all those people crammed together, I expected some intensity, some grumblings, some impatience. Absolutely not the case. It was shocking to me that we all stood there in relative silence….just waiting for our opportunity to cast a vote. I don’t remember it being like this in years past. Perhaps it is Raleigh, but I think it has more to do with this election. We all stood there reading, or quietly talking to the person next to us. I think this crowd would have waited another three hours in silence…just for the chance to impact history…one way or the other. Granted, I would have had to remove my shoes in about another 20 minutes, but I would have waited in stocking foot!

Later that evening as we watched the news, I finally realized why some people think Obama is supernatural, or the Antichrist. That man was EVERYWHERE. He was here in Raleigh at noon, and in Florida later that night, and somehow managed to fit in a stint on the Daily Show. One of my friends at work said that Oprah had paid to clone him. We all know that if someone could…it is she. Anyway, only a couple days left. Let’s hope that McCain lives that long, because this is damn interesting to watch and I’d hate for him to miss it.

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