Things I Loved and Learned from Wisconisn

It is always entertaining to spend time with my family. There are a lot of us, and we just can’t seem to help ourselves when we all get together. Someone always gets their feelings hurt, another is annoyed, some get frustrated, others choose to take naps in the corner, but overall we enjoy the company and the conversations.

Some of my favorite tidbits of the weekend include:

  • My sister Becky talking about a potential job at the local public library. I mentioned that I had just gotten a library card and loved having one within walking distance. Elizabeth looked quizzically at us and then asked Becky, “If you work there, can I get a discount on books?”.

  • Becky had just had her hair colored this very flattering shade – it is rather dark with some deep red undertones. While it looks good on her head, apparently not so good elsewhere. Over dinner on Friday, Becky relived accidentally splattering the back of the bathroom door with the hair dye. After frantically scrubbing to no avail, she eventually conceded and called the 1-800 number on the back of the Loreal box. After a little giggling on their part, they politely recommended that she contact Home Depot instead.

  • Mom, Elizabeth and I went shopping on Saturday and Elizabeth found this great pair of boots that she can walk in and will look great with about everything she wears. She kept looking down at the left one though and complaining that it was tight and stiff. We talked about the leather stretching and she still didn’t look convinced. She kept walking back and forth and back and forth. She suddenly had a funny look on her face, removed the boot, extracted the LARGE piece of packing plastic from the foot, and put it back on. Stiffness gone.

  • We all gathered at my brother Eric and Angie’s beautiful new house on Saturday night. After dinner, my other brother Ted covertly dressed in a Halloween costume and stormed into the house to scare the kids. Everyone was running around and screaming, except for Maddox. He was scared, but more concerned about something very, very important. After Ted left, Maddox rushed up to Eric, “The monster has your shoes. The monster took your shoes”. With all the activity, Maddox was only worried that the monster had left with Eric’s shoes on. That boy has priorities.

Thanks for the great weekend family. Can’t wait to see you again over Christmas.

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