Catching back up

I am finally getting my footing again after a couple days away from work. I also couldn’t post yesterday, because I feared coming across as smug. And believe it or not, I don’t feel that way and certainly didn’t want to be taken as such. No matter which way you voted, you have to admit that this was an election of historic proportions.   This will be in all the history books and this CAN be the catalyst for SOME people to better their lives. We as a country need an overhaul, and maybe someone with a more naive and optimistic approach can get us there. The old guard sure hasn’t. We are tainted in the eyes of our international counterparts and too many Americans have been stupid and gotten themselves in huge financial trouble. Others are simply the victims of job loss and a poor economy in their worlds.

No matter…this did effect me personally. I admit to tearing up when the name of the 44th President-elect was announced. And I teared up again when a coworker told me about watching the results with his 90-year-old parents. They are black and never thought they would see this in their lifetime.

Being here in North Carolina versus the always democratic California has been interesting and will continue to be so. We are still the only state that is “too close to call” at 50/50. Obama is currently a few votes ahead…but it is damn close. We did vote in a blue governor and a senator. Crazy and exciting stuff for a red Southern state, and I am even more glad than ever to be here.

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