I’m OK

This was a strange week. A strange week for really no reason. I just haven’t been into things and therefore have had no inspiration. But then my friend Amy sent me the Planet Unicorn website and I was reminded about all the good things in life. Like gay boys named Shannon and unicorns named Cadillac. Life is good. PLANET UNICORN…HEYYYYYYYYYYYYYY.

We also decided earlier this week to hold off on the addition to the House until next Spring. I was seriously stressing about the money and the time. By focusing on the addition, we weren’t getting enough of the existing structure updated, and that is what will give us the tax credits for 2008. We have less than 60 days left this year, so we decided to shift gears and get the existing space updated and finished, get our historic tax credits, have the house reassessed, and then move forward with our additional 900 square feet in early 2009. The good side? We get to move in earlier, get most of our stuff out of storage, and we get a chunk of this money back on our federal taxes. The bad? We basically live in a one-bedroom house and have to survive through the construction next year. The best? I don’t go insane by trying to fit in EVERYTHING right now and figure out how to pay for it. This should keep the rage-filled anxiety attacks at bay for a bit longer. You are now safe walking or driving in front of me again. (Although it wouldn’t KILL you to speed it up a little bit.)

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