The Angry Bed

I didn’t sleep well last night because the bed was very, very angry. Each time one of us moved, there was a loud and angry growl. That was not the most sleep conducive situation.

Iona has pretty much slept in our bed since we rescued her almost eight years ago. Typically we sleep in a king-size, so there is plenty of room for everyone. Since moving into the Condo, our patterns have all changed considerably. The bed is a queen (and on the floor), so we’re already making space concessions and then top that with Iona not willing to share well. The routine is this…I typically go to bed first, Michael brings up Iona, she sleeps next to me until Michael comes to bed, she won’t compromise so she is moved to the floor. I get up early and she with me. Well, not last night.

I expect that she was cold and decided that sharing a small space with her people was the best way to stay warm. That worked until 3a or so. She was between us at head-level and I think she was actually sharing my pillow. I recall waking up slightly and seeing those giant bat ears about an inch from my face. Michael disrupted her first and that warranted a loud and angry bark. That woke me up, so I moved and got the same response. Now we are all awake. This occurred at least two more times and then i must have drifted back off, only to be awaken again by the angry bed. At this point she had managed to wedge sideways between us and actually push me slightly off the bed. Half of me was over the edge and half of me was being sat on by the angry teddy bear. Last straw; dog meet floor.

As tired as I am this morning, it doesn’t seem to be affecting her. 5.25a and she was hungry and wanted me to know it. I miss my big bed. I hear it calling me from the storage POD, “Rescue me! Rescue me!” it says. The feeling is mutual.

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