The Philippine Experience

We had hoped to get to the Philippines next month to help a friend celebrate his wedding. Unfortunately the house renovations are just making a trip halfway around the world unrealistic. It got me thinking though about all the time I spent there and I admit to missing it a little. It also doesn’t help that my old employer has been bought out by an Indian company and many of my friends and former colleagues are feeling a bit up in arms.

As rough as living there and working those ungodly hours were, I did have some amazing experiences. One of those experiences included surviving off an average of three hours of sleep in every 24 hour period. When sleep alluded me, I would sit on my couch and watch hours of mindless TV and curse. This is my condo in Manila, my couch, and the view from my 28th floor windows.

The view from the Hilton in Cebu.The hotel is this HORRIBLE candy pink color and oddly caters to Koreans. I stayed there because it was cheaper than the Shang and they treated me really well. Complimentary wine and mango banana bread…yum. That was about all I could eat there, as everything else on that island seemed to make me nauseous.

Some of the girls (Nica, Rain and Rina) during one of our Summer events. It was so damn hot, the vodka was warm, the karoke loud, and the food…well, I really enjoyed that granola bar in my bag.

The streets of Manila are not necessarily the cleanest nor the most organized. In fact, they can be downright disgusting. That didn’t stop Rain and I from enjoying ourselves on one of my last nights there!

I want my friend Rain to know that nothing would stop me from being there if SHE were getting married. I’m just saying. If people really want me to visit, then Rain just needs to get married. I will be on a plane faster than even she can imagine.

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