Yes…THAT couple

Remember ‘A Christmas Story’? Remember the Bumpus family with the turkey stealing dogs? Well…it is with great disdain that I announce we are now THAT couple. To make it worse, we are the Bumpus family in not one, but TWO neighborhoods!

If you were to peek into the Condo, you would think that we are setting up a camp for the homeless. Or that my decorating taste runs towards the trend of cardboard. There are boxes stacked in every corner and they are now infringing on the living space. It was bad enough when we first moved in, as the boxes contained all the things from LA that didn’t make it into a storage container for one reason or another. We managed to fit most of those upstairs in the spare room. Fast forward to today. The downstairs is now FILLED with all the things we need to finish the House. Lights. Faucets. Curtain rods. Granted, most of these items are delivered in small to medium boxes, but they are still boxes. And just recently the large stuff has begun arriving. Tankless water heater. Sink console. Plumbing supplies. Oh yeah, we know how to live. As much as I hate the couch, it was better than the box I am currently perched on.

Then there is the House. Over the past weekend Michael was on a mission to further cause destruction. He ripped out all the kitchen cabinets, the old appliances, the crappy counter tops, the bathroom floor. With some assistance from our contractor, they moved out the bathroom fixtures, including the claw foot tub (which we are saving, but needed to have the floor built up so that it doesn’t go THROUGH the floor!). So where do these items all go? Well on the FRONT PORCH, OF COURSE! Yes, our neighbors must be shaking their heads, as they could not have expected the California couple preferred life in the ghetto or a trailer park.

Word is that Habitat for Humanity picked up everything usable. Anything else will get donated. I swear we will clean up our act this weekend. We are good and neat people, I swear.

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