Being thankful

So what am I thankful for? I am thankful for the trusting nature of Southerners and the glory of Craigslist. Since we weren’t exactly planning on renovating the kitchen THIS YEAR, it was not in the budget. And since I can’t acknowledge crap as an acceptable substitute, we needed to come up with some creative alternatives. Welcome Craigslist.

It would be inappropriate not to mention that I am not an experienced “bargain” shopper. Don’t get me wrong, as I love a good sale as much as any well-dressed woman, but I hate rummage sales and thrift shops. They are usually a bit dirty and there is something ‘desperate’ about the people. Yeah, I am having a snob moment. That said, Craigslist solves most of my issues for me. I can search for things I want online, consult with people without actually speaking with them, and for the most part achieve instant gratification. As we only look for items in our general vicinity we can visit them, decide, purchase and go home with a full vehicle within a very short period of time. My only major issue is with people who post things and then DON’T GET BACK TO YOU WHEN YOU GENUINELY EXPRESS INTEREST. ARGH. If you are going out of town and won’t have email access for four days, then DON’T POST! Wait until you get back. Simple. Easy. Not freaking brain surgery.

So far we have gotten our kitchen cabinets and our island from Craigslist. If the stars align, you can add the countertops, kitchen sink and the faucet. Just about everything else in the House will have come form the magic of the Internet. I think the only thing we’ve purchased from an actual store are two Pottery Barn shower curtains and some Home Depot ceiling fans. I had in-store Thanksgiving coupons or I would have just bought them online too.

People better get back from the holiday and answer their damn emails tomorrow. I want to finish off my kitchen and I’d prefer to to it without human interaction. In order to preserve my sanity, Michael the Introvert is headed back to Statesville tomorrow to pick up the rest of the cabinets. Internet has done us good, if I do say so myself. I love you Craigslist!

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