Rainy Day, Cabinet Day

It was a rainy, rainy day here in North Carolina. I spent most of the morning reviewing budgets and figuring out how much money we have left to spend on frivolous things like countertops, a toilet, and a kitchen sink. I then did my best to organize our sad little Condo. Since I have no place to put anything, organization actually entails moving things from one place to another, and then pretending the new place is better. Iona spent the day doing as little as possible. She may have been bored, but it was mostly that she didn’t want to go outside and get her feet wet. Spoiled. Rotten. Dog.

Michael left early and drove all the way to Statesville and back again with a little U-Haul trailer. He was able to get all the remaining cabinets loaded and he returned to Raleigh around 3p. He spent most of the drive in the pouring rain, although it fortunately let up enough for us to move all the cabinets into the House. I have to say that they are going to work out really well! The are truly beautiful custom built cherry cabinets painted black. Just picture finished wood floors, mustard painted walls, lighter countertops, a cast composite black sink, stainless appliances and brushed steel hardware. Yeah…we have a long, long way to go. I “see” it, but damn there are still gaping holes in the wall. Keep in mind that it is NOT raining in the House, it is just the perpetual dust cloud that I fear will never dissipate.

Lest one thinks that pure progress hasn’t been made, here are recent photos of the work the contractor did last week. Our foyer is now a tool storage locker and our hall bathroom is, well…it is ALMOST four walls and a floor. Thankfully they did wall off the open space that used to contain a room that was subsequently knocked out by us prior to delaying the addition. All I want for Christmas is no unusual access to the outdoors.

When I started this blog, I never intended it to become a ‘Renovation Story’. I guess when your time is all-consumed by something, that naturally becomes your life. Perhaps someday I can entertain you all by writing about weekends spent in my pajamas and playing PS3. Ah, the good old days.

One response to “Rainy Day, Cabinet Day”

  1. I love the cabinets! Beautiful and full of character. The rest of your kitchen sounds like it will be great when it is finished. I know it is hard but your patience will pay off!

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