A Glimmer of Hope

Things turned nicely today. The guy selling three-year-old Corian countertops actually answered his email and sent me photos. I did get a little freaked when I called the number he left and spoke to his wife. There was a bit too much “Southern” on the phone. I swore we were each speaking some other very foreign and complicated language. And she scared me a bit.

That said, the photos look really promising and I hope that I will be able to manage the measurement process on my own in a couple days. We are having to divide and conquer a few of the tasks this week, and math in any form has never been my forte. I am sure that Michael will send me on my way to the Corian man with charts and graphs and lots of equations. We both know that this is $700 that is ‘disposable’. There is a great (big, major, complete) chance I might screw this up.

Michael also had luck ordering our tankless water heater and coordinating with the clawfoot bathtub restoration man. Apparently if we are able to get the cast iron tub out the front door and onto the porch, they can take it from there. Yeah…no problem.

Now, if the sink dude would only get back to us I might have a full kitchen. Details, details.

OH – but the best news today? The electricity is back on in the House!! Yes, we have electricity. Oh yeah, pay that electric bill, baby. Paying the electric bill is key.

One response to “A Glimmer of Hope”

  1. I have heard that before, “paying the electric bill is key.” Is it possible that someone in your life taught you that lesson once upon a time? Wow, had to laugh!!

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