Doing our part for the economy

No shock that we are in a recession. It still amazes me that it took so damn long for them to call it. I expect that Bush was waiting until the last bitter moment so that it fell on someone else’s shoulders.

Over the weekend we were talking about the economy with our soon to be neighbors across the street. They too have been renovating their historic house and have yet to move in. Their project is a couple months ahead of us and is basically completed. Unfortunately their beautiful country farmhouse from the late 1800’s has yet to sell…and so they haven’t made the move to downtown Raleigh yet. That leaves them in a lurch and now paying two mortgages, while spending, spending, spending on the remodel and addition. We can relate. Completely and painfully. While we are only out one mortgage, we totally make up for it with storage fees and Condo rental. We’re basically going against EVERYTHING the financial experts and economists are recommending right now. Why save, when you can spend everything? Real estate value down? No problem invest more in it! This better not backfire.

And just to clarify one quick thing…we were still paying the electric bills on the House, there just wasn’t any electrical hooked up these past two months! I can’t tell you how glorious it was to walk through it with the lights on last night. While I do still hope the House is haunted, I prefer to see my spirits rather than ‘feel’ them. Next step? Get that expensive new HVAC system pumping out some heat.

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