One Sedaris, Two Sedaris, Three Sedaris, Four

We are huge David Sedaris fans. If you haven’t had the pleasure, pick up “Naked”, “Me Talk Pretty One Day”, or “Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim”. Trust me, you will find yourself laughing. If you REALLY want to experience the magic, pick up the audio versions or his excerpts on NPR’s “This American Life”. Now you will find yourself laughing OUT LOUD. There is something about the combination of his sarcastic words and his wheezy, high and utterly unique voice. Oh yes, and the perfect deadpan delivery.

As I’d previously mentioned, he would do appearances at UCLA’s Royce Hall every year and we would always have tickets. Our Sedaris‘ partners were our dear friends Anne and Ron. I missed more than a few shows due to my travel schedule, but Michael made them all. If you’ve ever sat next to Michael in a movie, or the theater or any other public event, you would think part of him is dying inside and he’s having the most miserable moment of his life. He typically sits ramrod straight, eyes up front, and no facial expressions…AT ALL. But there are a few exceptions…Avenue Q, Spamalot, and David Sedaris. Once Michael laughed so hard at a Sedaris event that he was stricken with Bell’s Palsy. I will find some photos and then you too can laugh.

Ironically, all the Sedaris kids grew up in Raleigh and he writes about the city often. Once all my books are out of storage, I am going to reread all his stories so that I can truly understand my NC experience. I consider it a manual of sorts. He’s also speaking in the area next April and I’ve already snatched up tickets. Anne…you hear me…get your ass to Durham on April 11, 2009! Tickets are waiting! I swear we’ll have walls and electricity!

This must somehow tie into the House…so here it is. Last night, Michael met David’s brother Paul…at OUR HOUSE. Paul “You Can’t Kill the Rooster” Sedaris runs a well-known flooring company here in Raleigh and he is redoing our hardwoods! So freaking cool.

I owe Anne an autograph since she got David to sign a book for us earlier this year. I expect it might be Paul’s signature on the back of a wood scrap, but I’ll get. Worse comes to worse, I can always send our final flooring invoice. After we’ve submitted it to the historical society of course. SEDARIS!

One response to “One Sedaris, Two Sedaris, Three Sedaris, Four”

  1. Moved here (NC) from Miami about 17 years ago, and I am always amazed when I travel outside of the state (say, to L.A. or New York) that people think we must live in mud huts. They never think he have people like David & Amy Sedaris from the area.

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