How much do I love you, House of mine?

It is presently 49 degrees inside the House and I am sitting here waiting for the stove to be delivered. To be precise, I am sitting on a rocking chair directly underneath a heating vent, and trying to type with gloves on. And since the ceiling is 11 feet tall, it is not like the heat is funneled directly at me. There are other places it seems to want to go.

The House is still in shambles, and we have no plumbing and minimal heat, but we have a stove. Sigh. When I ordered it they told me it would be about a week for shipment to the local warehouse, at which time I would be contacted within 7-10 days to schedule delivery. That did not exactly happen. Just yesterday morning Michael and I were discussing logistics and what to do if things were delivered before the floors were done. The one thing we were stumped by was the stove. (A 36″ Italian stainless steel industrial thing of beauty.) “It’s not like they are delivering the stove TOMORROW”, I retorted. Ring, ring at 7.30p last night and it’s the delivery guys needing to deliver between 8a-12p today.

So again we divide and conquer. Michael to Middlesex and I alone in the almost frozen House.

So if we have heat, why is it 49 degrees INSIDE? I expect it has something to do with it being 28 degrees outside and there still being large holes in the house. Michael also thinks one of the vents is pumping directly back into the attic, so a trip up the ladder is in store for him later. In the meantime, he is headed out to pick up the countertops. We aren’t exactly sure how they are going to fit in the back of his truck, so I am wishing him a safe trip back to the city. Fortunately there won’t be any room for deer heads, so I don’t have to worry about a surprise gift.

Instructions of the day:

  1. Don’t speed in Zebulon, you will get pulled over.
  2. Don’t pick up any portion of a carcass you find alongside the road. Definitely don’t bring home heads.
  3. Don’t drive recklessly with 10’6″ pieces of Corian sticking out the back of your truck.
  4. Don’t become overwhelmed by the chaos of your home and feel like locking the door and just walking away.
  5. Don’t forget to wear socks when it is 28 degrees outside.
  6. Don’t feel guilty about stealing wireless from a neighbor, especially when you don’t actually live next door yet.
  7. Don’t bother with that intense urge to clean, as the real dirt is still yet to come.

I think I need to walk around a bit, as my sockless feet are feeling numb.

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