Coming to terms with 2009

I think it became painfully obvious this weekend that we won’t make it into the House by the end of the year. For all those taking bets, damn it you were right. While there is progress, it is still overwhelmingly not enough. And the holidays are just absorbing valuable time. While I love you and all, I really, really, really want to get into the House.

We are hoping that the contractor gets the plastering and drywall done this week so that we can start priming the walls and repairing the beadboard. We selected all the paint colors this weekend, so I am eager to slap something over all the nauseating vanilla.

Michael did successfully get our Corian counters back from Middlesex and they look pretty great next to the cabinets. Oh thank god. We placed them over the cabinets and the new range to get an idea of what things are to come, and we both let out a very loud sigh of relief.

Other progress made:

  1. We sold the old refrigerator. White Kenmore from 1985 just wasn’t our thing. Michael was a bit disappointed though that his ‘kegerator’ dream left in the back of a trailer
  2. I removed the last of the ancient wallpaper. Guess what? Taking it down in 50 degree weather is much easier than in 95. The dry air makes the scraping process significantly easier. Who knew that humidity would make glue stick…well, like glue? Only a smart person of course.
  3. Michael began the “Great Fireplace Project” of 2008. He spent most of the afternoon scouring bricks with a wire brush. Doesn’t that sound delightful. He also realized that he needs to build much more than a wardrobe. He will be a very busy boy, for a very long time.

I guess we now know what to say when people ask if we have ‘hobbies’.

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