Slumber Party

Michael left the Condo today dressed in his pajamas, carrying his sleeping bag, and hugging his favorite teddy bear. He was all ready for his slumber party. Actually the only thing that is true about that is the wearing of pajamas. You see, Iona needed to go to the vet today for FOUR tooth extractions and I needed some assistance to my car. So there my husband went, out to my car in his pjs, carrying Iona’s bed and leading a trusting Corgi. I doubt any parent wants to see him dropped off at their front door!

Poor Iona went in for one abscessed tooth extraction and ended up losing four. The tooth infection also got into her blood stream and became a kidney infection as well. Our little furry infection ball.

We still don’t know what exactly has happened to her teeth. The vet asked if she chewed on real bones or rocks. Really? Bones are creepy and I sure as hell won’t feed them to my dog. That sound. Ugh. And rocks? No, we do not have a rock collection in the house that Iona uses as her personal chewy stash.

She is home now and not quite herself. The anesthesia is still wearing off and the pain pills are making her a little tipsy. The strain of the surgery also took its toll on her bad hip and she is gimpy as well. Poor thing keeps walking in circles and making these pathetic whiny noises. Even with four holes in her mouth and lots of stitches…she is hungry. Only the IonaPig. Since she can’t eat solids for the next 7-10 days, we need to mix her food with hot water and then mash it into an oatmeal consistency. Well her patience level does not coincide with this extra food delay. She is hungry. Now. Damn it.

We can’t tell if the breath is better, but the teeth are certainly cleaner. They better be for that price. Merry Christmas to us, we took out your dog’s teeth. As Michael says, “at least we don’t have to send her to college”. Heal fast Miss Iona and stay the hell away from the rocks. They are for throwing, not eating.

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