Death by cardboard

We have got to move. If we aren’t out of this Condo soon, I guarantee you that things will end badly for us. I suspect it will happen innocently enough. We’ll be sitting on the couch watching Dexter and suddenly…CRASH. A mountain of freaking cardboard will come tumbling down and smother us. There will be absolutely no place for us to go; no place for us to run.

Our Condo has literally been invaded by cardboard. Don’t get me wrong, the boxes are full of great things like a microhood, exhaust fans, curtain rods, lights, plumbing fixtures, hardware, and of course, the kitchen sink. But seriously, there is no escape. I wonder how long it takes to die by cardboard. We haven’t started stacking the boxes on the couch yet, but that is simply inevitable.

Things hit the limit when my TV vision was completely blocked by the sink. Granted the sink was stacked on top of the Kitchen Aid microhood, which weighs 97.5 pounds, by the way! Should something that heavy REALLY be hung from a wall. Guess we’ll find out soon enough. Anyway, I sat down tonight at my desk/dining table/catch-all/box collector to work on some emails and realized that I COULDN’T SEE THE TV. This is important because I must multi-task at all times and cannot simply do one thing. In addition, our livelihood is centered around our House renovation which leaves little time for anything else. Anything else other than that thing that pays the mortgage. And TV. I think all those years in the Philippines and traveling around the world have made me appreciate the American television experience. Wow, I sound pathetic.

We just need to move.

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