Beauty and Brains…Not so Much

I wish I could say that Iona is as smart as she is pretty. Unfortunately when it comes to food and small running animals, she loses all sense. Tonight was no exception.

I came home after work to take Iona for a walk. Michael had already been to the Condo to feed her and bring in the mail, including a large package. Iona and I opened the box together and discovered that it was her dog food. Yay for the Pig! Food. Food. Food.

Before running off to the market I wisely moved the bag of food to a high and protected place on top of the refrigerator. I figured this was good enough. I mean, the dog doesn’t have legs. How much trouble could she get in?

Well, 30 minutes later I came back to the Condo and found my dog trapped. Trapped with her front stubs in the empty food box and looking completely busted. She had smelled a tiny, teeny sample bag of cat treats under the invoice and decided to go after it. She got in the box well enough, but couldn’t get herself back out. It was damn funny.

The front flap of the box was completely covered in spit. I am not sure if it was due to the excitement of the situation or the panic that she was stuck. No matter. It is moments like this that make you understand why people with pets live longer. I’ve completely forgotten all the work I have to do tonight, as now I just have to hang with my stupid dog.

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