Used Stripper

What do you do with your used stripper? That was just one of the inane questions I asked this past weekend while high on fumes. Both Michael and I were playing with chemicals, and I am disappointed that we didn’t get photos of the two of us. We are vying for the hottest couple of the year, and this would have sealed the deal. I spent Sunday with elbow high bright orange chemical resistant gloves and a face mask, while he was covered in dust and wearing a respirator mask. Sexy.

THe results made the day worth it though. That and the side trip to pick up a Hawaiian pizza from the Mellow Mushroom. I expect that they wonder where I scrounge up the change to purchase food, as I seriously look homeless each time I walk in there.

Our fireplace is looking great and Michael just needs to apply one more coat of sealant. This next one is a LOT less toxic as it is simply Elmer’s glue and water. As long as he doesn’t apply glitter and scrapbooking stickers to the brick, I am all good with him getting his craft on.

My turn to get a little preachy. DO NOT PAINT OVER DOOR KNOBS, HINGES AND OTHER HARDWARE. EVER. It is NOT a method to save time; it is lazy, lazy, lazy. If you want white door knobs, buy white door knobs. And if you REALLY have to paint everything, do you REALLY need to apply five coats of shiny white thick cheap paint???? Enough said.

I was militant about saving the original hardware and after about eight different steps of soaking, spraying, scrubbing, soaking, spraying, scraping, scrubbing, soaking…I uncovered the original look of this hardware. It was worth it, and I was happy. Now I only have about four more doors to go. Sigh. Please don’t ever paint hardware. Lazy bastards.

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