Six degrees of Sedaris

Before we left for our roadtrip, we needed to decide on our hardwood stain. The Sedaris guys had been working there for a few days and we admittedly loved seeing their sign in our front yard. We felt a little honored. I wanted to steal the sign, but I was sober and Michael only tolerates drunken klepto moments.

On Wednesday and Thursday they sanded, and you could already see the big impact! We had hope walking through the House and seeing walls AND floors! Oh, I may have neglected to mention last week that most of the walls were repaired and plastered. The House actually retains heat.

On Thursday the Sedaris guys finished the sanding and provided us with a stain sample buffet. They had about twelve options stained in swatches on the dining room floor. We went in separately and made our decision, as not to influence each other. We fortunately choose 2 out of 3 colors the same, and made our choice from there. Gunstock it is. Medium color with deep red tones. It is the second color from the right.

We went over Friday night and peeked at the floors. We weren’t allowed to walk on them, so we peered in through the front door…they will be glorious! The poly will go on this weekend and they’ll be completely ready by the time we return. Giddy girl. Merry Christmas to me.

So we made it to Wisconsin. The drive was fine…long, but fine. We listened to the other Sedaris brother recite “Me Talk Pretty One Day” which helped pass the time. We’ll be up here freezing our asses off this entire next week. If my posts are coming in slow, it is because my fingers fell off due to frostbite and I am figuring out how to type with my thumbs.

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