Covering the Sins of Others

After a slow start yesterday (and $450 worth of paint and supplies) we finally made it over to the House. The floors are fantastic, so we immediately needed to cover as much of them as possible. While I love painting, I can’t claim to be the neatest at it.

During our last house renovation, I had one major regret…and that was the color of the kitchen. It was our house up in Lake Arrowhead and I had envisioned mustard colored walls to accent the custom cabinets and the blue tiles. What ended up on the walls was this awful lemon yellow color. Once I had two walls painted, I realized it was just wrong, wrong, wrong. I tried to like it and thought that balancing it with a lighter brown would help. It didn’t. And each time I looked out the window to the house next door, I was reminded of the color I could have had. Should have had. The neighbors had painted their entire house a perfect mustard color and it was a slap in the face every day. HA! Other people got it right!

The entire time we owned the house, I wanted to repaint. Michael wouldn’t agree to it though, and there was absolutely no way I could paint those high walls myself. I needed help, and help was being stubborn. It might of had something to do with dangling on a tall ladder that was positioned on top of a cedar chest while stretching to reach the highest peaks. OK, I give.

I think we got it right this time. Mustard kitchen walls are coming! Half the dining and living room walls are a darker version of the same color. We wanted to keep the same theme going through all three rooms to show the depth of the space. I think it will work wonderfully. I think Michael is a little skeptical, but I am getting happier by the paint stroke. I am heading back to Lowes today to buy more (underestimated) and then we’ll work on cabinets. We’re also expecting the appliances and tub to be delivered this afternoon. Now if only the plumber, counter guy and electrician would call us back…

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