The Pain of Progress

We are both moving very slowly this morning. I guess about 15 hours working on the House yesterday was just a few too many. While there is great pleasure in all this sweat equity, I acknowledge that turning this over for someone else to do has its advantages. Ah, if only for a bigger budget.

We finished the kitchen wall paint (Lariat Tan) and almost all the Living/Dining (Leather Satchel), and the Foyer (Dry Earth and Caraway Shield). We have to finish the touch up and trim, but the main walls are done. The moldings are still yet to come. Neither of us had the energy to tackle that yet. I don’t think we’ll strip them and repaint this go around.

We were still painting the foyer at 11p last night, and we’re hoping it looks good in the light of day. We were concerned about the primary green color when it first went up and were worried that we had another “stomach lining incident”. Several years ago we needed to paint over a room that was COMPLETELY covered in a Storybook themed mural. We are talking ceiling, closet and walls. If you had a slightly demented kid that liked being stared at by creepy things, then this was your room. If like us, you only had house guests that preferred not sleeping with Humpty Dumpty, then something had to be done. On the advice of the paint person at Home Depot we chose paint that was supposed to cover dark colors with one coat. Well, we ended up with a shiny, dark pink room that was hideous and repulsive. We decided it was like standing in “stomach lining”. It subsequently took a coat of primer and almost three coats of regular paint to cover it. I doubt any of our guests appreciated the time that room took us, or the horror that they almost slept in!

Our initial paint pass in the foyer looked with greenish-yellow…well, you get it. Second coat looked good. At least it looked good by the standards of two exhausted home owners.

Good deliveries yesterday! All the appliances and the tub came! Granted, there is no good place for anything right now, so the tub is in the middle of the living room, the washer and dryer in the bedroom, and the fridge is floating in the soon to be kitchen space. The tub is so beautiful and was nicknamed the “Army Tub” by the restoration guy.

All and all a good day. Now, back to it you slackers. Chop, chop.

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