What a Year It’s Been

It is very easy for us to recall where we were a year ago. We spent the holidays in Wisconsin and New Year’s Eve out with my (almost) entire family. Elizabeth wasn’t feeling well, but other than that we had a great time. Eric, Angela, Michael and I actually spent the night at Elizabeth and the Bad Man’s house and I remember how wonderful it was for us girls to just sit in the living room and hang out together. The three of us were sprawled on the couch with the dogs and just couldn’t stop laughing and talking. Later that night we played cards at the kitchen table and drank way too much. Oddly enough, that was the last time either Michael or I saw the Bad Man. It would only be a matter of months before he just left my sister and shortly thereafter they were divorced.

Last holiday season is also when Michael and I decided that our lives needed to change. We needed to spend more time together – in the same city and the same home – and we needed to move on from LA. We talked about the different city options for us, and opted to visit Raleigh first. We came here initially to scope out the city on 1/11/08 and had moved here by Memorial Day. And here we are.

No surprise with how we are spending this New Year’s Eve. Painting walls and hanging cabinets. So much has happened this year and I am terribly grateful that we have this opportunity…to be together, to live in the same place together, and to renovate together and still love each other. No parties and no great dinner for us tonight. And I would have it absolutely no other way.

Happy New Year!

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