Mixing it up with a third pair of hands

For the past week Michael and I have spent a LOT of time together. We’ve either been trapped together in a vehicle driving back from Wisconsin or trapped in the House under cabinets and paint cans. Our only time interacting with others has been during the necessary sustenance trips to Starbucks and Subway or the four visits to Lowes. Ironically the same woman was at Lowes during three of our paint replenishments. I am starting to understand her thick North Carolina accent and that is a little frightening.

So imagine our glee when our friend Amber volunteered to spend 1/2 a day with us and lend her mad painting skills. Little did she know that she’d also be helping to lift the amazing time traveling microhood into place, and having to climb up scaffolding and around boxes to get to the bedroom walls. She was a trooper and it was delightful to talk to someone “new”. I still have some trimming to do, but I love the wall color – Redstone Lasso. This is actually coming together.

It was another long day for us, but we managed to get up all the kitchen cabinets and get the appliances near their intended space. Now function needs to follow form and all the plumbing, electrical and gas needs to get hooked up next week. We are hoping to semi move-in next weekend and I do demand water. I know, needy bitch.

So far Michael has not lied to me when I ask, “Do we know how to do that?”. He was correct that we (meaning he) can indeed hang kitchen cabinets. While I was simply the appendage that came when called, I did learn a few valuable lessons in the process:

  1. Arm strength is not a want; arm strength is a need.
  2. There is great power in the ledger board. It not only keeps the cabinets straight during hanging, it keeps you from swearing at each other.
  3. It helps if the person in charge is prepared BEFORE asking you to stand there and hold a cabinet. Balancing a large object above your head while someone chases down clamps and drills is a true test in patience. Love only goes so far. Enough said.

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